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Unity connect

Cloud Business Phone System

Unity Connect offers all the calling features of more expensive PBXs without the need to pay for equipment upfront. It is substantially less expensive than other cloud phone systems.

We don’t try and confuse and complicate with multiple pricing tiers like other vendors, or include a few necessary features in one of the more expensive tiers. One plan. One price. All-in.

Unity Connect comes with free mobile phone clients (Android and iOS) and a WebRTC client that works on any desktop. We do offer a range of great, inexpensive handsets if you do need them.

Selected Unity Connect Features


Call Forwarding lets you forward your extension to a cell phone, regular telephone or another employee. Call Forward Always, Busy, No answer, Selective


Simplify conference call set up by creating a Conference Room in Unity Connect. Rooms can be set up for a Group, Department, Regular Conference or individual. 


Unity Connect supports built-in IVR Menus, Call Routing & Ring Groups. Create an automated attendant “menu” to direct callers.


Store and retrieve voice messages, set greetings, get notifications of new voicemail messages. Send as attachment to your email. 


Unity Connect supports G.711 Codec and high quality T.38 FAX. Send and receive FAXes through a central FAX server. 


Handle mobile phones with Follow Me functionality. Simultaneous Ring, Internal and External phones.

Unity Connect Benefits

Simple, all inclusive pricing

We offer an all-inclusive price which means no phone system equipment to buy, no messy and expensive maintenance contracts to deal with, no separate Telco trunk bills and no more upgrades to pay for – all updates are included.

All you need to know are the number of users. That’s it.

One single price per month*. Simple.

Be Mobile, be flexible

Struggling to support flexible working; on the road or from home?

Unity Connect provides a free mobile client to allow your on-the-road warriors access to the same phone features as if in the office. What’s more, when using WiFi, your people are not using up mobile minutes.

At home workers can use the WebRTC client (browser-based) on their laptop and a USB headset to access all the same phone features. All they need is an internet connection. As a cloud-delivered solution there are no complex or costly VPNs to set up.

high availability and Secure

Unity Connect is hosted in a Canadian data centre, so there are no concerns over the US Patriot Act that gives the US permission to snoop on your calls and data. It’s all in Canada.

Every customer’s Unity Connect system is duplicated in a second data centre located on the other side of the country. Geo-Redundancy. This highly available set up protects you from problems whether technical or weather related.

Easy remote working, when needed

If there are weather or health related emergencies, like ice storms, floods, fires, SARS or Coronavirus, your staff can easily work from home.

Unity Connect is cloud based, so anywhere there is internet access, you have communication access.

Every employee has access to a WebRTC client or mobile client proving full communication access – even when they can’t get to the office.

Multiple, Small Locations?

Have many small locations – across a city, region, province or Canada? Have multiple systems, multiple monthly Telco charges and multiple systems that can’t be easily managed as one solution? 

Unity Connect is ideal in this scenario. As a true multi-tenanted system, where each location can seem like its ‘own system’ but work as a single solution and, best of all, be managed and administered centrally. We can provide 4 digit dialling across all sites,  support Music on Hold at each location and set up each location with its own auto attendant with local statutory holidays. Yes, you can have it all with Unity Connect.

Conference Challenges?

A lot of businesses need to set up conference calls for different reasons. While you can pay for conference services, it adds up fast. Large businesses can afford their own dedicated system. So what about small or midsize businesses?

As part of your regular monthly cost, Unity Connect includes a Conference Centre. A single DID is used to simplify access to the Conference Centre. Individual ‘rooms’ can be created for each user needing their own conference capability. PIN numbers are used to access the conference room, with one for the Organizer and another for Attendees.

Contact Information

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