Don't Buy Another Phone System!

An affordable subscription-based business phone system

With cloud, you never need to buy another phone system outright!

What is Unity Connect?

Cloud Business Phone System

Unity Connect is an affordable Cloud Phone System built for Canadian small and midsize businesses.

Unity Connect offers all the calling features of more expensive PBXs without the need to pay for equipment upfront. It is substantially less expensive than other cloud phone systems.

We don’t try and confuse and complicate with multiple pricing tiers like other vendors, or include a few necessary features in one of the more expensive tiers. One plan. One price. All-in.

Your system, with redundant backup, will all be hosted in Canada. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Unity Connect comes with free mobile phone clients (Android and iOS) and a WebRTC client that works on any desktop. We do offer a range of great, inexpensive handsets if you do need them.

Check out Unity Connect. You never have to by another phone system outright again.

Simple, All Inclusive Pricing

We offer an all-inclusive price which means no phone system equipment to buy, no messy and expensive maintenance contracts to deal with, no separate Telco trunk bills and no more upgrades to pay for – all updates are included.

With mobile apps and a browser-based client, you don’t even need to buy desk phones – but if you do, we offer a selection of inexpensive and great looking VoIP phones as well.

All you need to know are the number of users. That’s it.

One single price per month. Simple.

No Pricing Plans

We could have done what all the other vendors do to get the price down – provide a very basic set of features in a stripped down package and then add the features you really want in higher priced tiers. We start seeing names like Basic, Standard, Premium, Enhanced, Ultimate and more. Some vendors let you mix and match tiers, but that adds to the complexity and effort to manage who has what license, which becomes a pain over time as people come and go.

Sure, some of those higher tiers do offer features we don’t, but our experience has shown they are not necessary for most small and midsize businesses. They just start loading up the cost of owning your phone system.

Then there are system level “optional” features charged at an additional per-month basis. Often features you would use on a regular basis, such as Attendant or Reception capability, Music On Hold, Conferencing, Hunt Groups or Voice Mail to Email.

No. We truly provide one all-inclusive price per person per month.

Enough about the great price, you say - what can it do for me?

Be Mobile, Be Flexible

A lot of small and midsize businesses struggle to support flexible working; whether working on the road, from home or even when in the office.

Unity Connect provides a free mobile client to allow your on-the-road warriors access to the same phone features as if in the office. What’s more, when using WiFi, your people are not using up mobile minutes.

At home workers can use the WebRTC client (browser-based) on their laptop and a USB headset to access all the same phone features. All they need is an internet connection. As a cloud-delivered solution there are no complex or costly VPNs to set up.

Finally, Unity Connect supports ‘hot desking’ or ‘hoteling.’ If you have ‘hoteling’ desks, users simply login with their code and the ‘hoteling’ phone becomes their phone.

High Availability and Secure

As a cloud delivered solution, you may be concerned about the availability of your phone system. So are we. Let us show you why it is more reliable than a premise solution.

First, your system is hosted in a Canadian data centre, so there are no concerns over the US Patriot Act that gives the US permission to snoop on your calls and data. It’s all in Canada.

Second, every customer’s system is duplicated in a second data centre located on the other side of the country. Geo-Redundancy. This highly available set up protects you from problems whether technical or weather related.

Most businesses with premise based systems have no duplication or redundancy, so you are already more secure with Unity Connect. If there are weather related emergencies, like ice storms, floods, fires, etc, because Unity Connect is cloud based, every employee could use the WebRTC client or mobile client to have full communication access – even when they can’t get to the office.

Yealink SIP-T42S

Ideal for: Front line staff, receptionists and users needing greater functionality.

The SIP-T42S IP phone includes Optima HD technology and the Opus wideband codec for superb sound quality. With a USB port, the SIP-T27G is expandable with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB recording features. It also includes Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for faster call handling.

Yealink SIP-T46S

Ideal for: Executives and Senior Managers.

The SIP-T46S IP desk phone is the ultimate communications tool for busy executives and professionals. It includes high-resolution TFT color display and Yealink Optima HD technology and Opus wideband codec for crystal clear communications. The SIP-T46S is expandable with both  Bluetooth USB and a Wi-Fi USB Dongles.

Yealink T-48S

Ideal for: The ultimate in Executive and Senior Manager desk phones.

The SIP-T48S IP Phone offers a large touch screen to simplifyaccessing applications. With Yealink’s Optima HD Voice technology and  Opus wideband codec it provides unparalleled audio clarity. The T48S can be expanded further with Bluetooth USB and Wi-Fi USB Dongles.

73% of Canadian organizations have migrated at least some of their IT delivery to the cloud.1

Small, Multiple Location Business?

We work with a lot of organizations that have many small locations – across a city, region, province or Canada. This poses some real challenges. You could order local business lines and basic telephones or a small PBX for each site. This is time consuming and a pain to manage and keep track of monthly costs. Systems can’t be easily managed as one solution. And what if you want to have ‘4 digit’ dialling between locations – so you don’t have to dial out and back in – or pay LD charges?

What if those locations are in different time zones or have different statutory holidays or require different music on hold or call handling?

Unity Connect is ideal in this scenario. As a true multi-tenanted system, we can set up each location as its ‘own system’ but allow them to work as a single solution and, best of all, be managed and administered centrally. We can support MoH at each location, handle local call handling and statutory holidays.

Have Conference Challenges?

A lot of businesses need to set up conference calls for different reasons. While you can pay for conference services, it adds up fast. Large businesses can afford their own dedicated system. So what about small or midsize businesses?

As part of your regular monthly cost, Unity Connect includes a Conference Centre. A single DID is used to simplify access to the Conference Centre. Individual ‘rooms’ can be created for each user needing their own conference capability. PIN numbers are used to access the conference room, with one for the Organizer and another for Attendees.

FAX Server for your FAX Challenges

Fax is still necessary for many organizations these days. Faxing is still common in the healthcare and financial services industries. It’s secure and private. Since the 1980’s a faxed signature is legally accepted and binding – unlike an emailed document. Document signature services are not always accepted and it requires more complexity to set up than simply hitting send on your fax machine.

Unity Connect has a built-in FAX Server as part of your monthly fee. Faxes can be sent and received and connected to your email box.

We use a G.711 codec so there are no issues (as with other VoIP services) that can impact FAX quality and integrity.

Unity Connect Features

Call Forwarding

Always, Busy, No answer, Selective


6-Way Calling & Conference Centre

Automated Call Handling

IVR Menus, Call Routing & Ring Groups

Follow Me

Simultaneous Ring, Internal and External

Cloud Delivered

Redundant, Mobile First


Voicemail to Email

FAX Server

G.711 Codec

Call Transfer

Announced & Blind

These are just some of the many features that are part of Unity Connect...

For more information call 1-877-736-2842 or fill out the form and one of our Unity Connect specialists will reach out to you shortly.