​​​​Pricing & Features



$18.00 / Mth

Over 50 telephony features including:

Hold, Transfer, Conferencing

Voicemail and FAX server built-in

Mobile client: iPhone/Android

WebRTC client (Any PC type)

Includes one Business Number

Includes unlimited Local and Canadian Long Distance*

(*Excludes some parts of The Yukon, The Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the far Northern Provincial areas. Additional DID and Toll Free numbers are available. One time installation fees apply



Call Blind Transfer

Call Flows (Day/Night Mode)

Call Monitoring

Call Routing

Conference Centre (Rooms)

Do Not Disturb

Hunt Groups



Automated Attendant

Call Block

Call Forward

Call Parking

Call Transfer

Contacts (Import)

FAX Server

IVR (Menus)


Voicemail to Email

Call Barge

Call Broadcast

Caller ID

Call Pickup

Call Waiting

Dial by Name

Follow Me

Music on Hold (MoH)

Ring Groups

Time Conditions

Call Announced Transfer

Call Detail Records (CDR)

Call Intercept

Call Queues

Conference Calling

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

Hot Desking

Operator Panel

And many more...

Eliminating Cable TV Like Pricing

Cloud vendors have adopted Cable TV like pricing. How frustrating is it when you find you need to pay more for your Cable TV package because they have included one or two popular channels in another, additionally priced, tier? It’s not by chance or a coincidence. They know what they are doing.

Well, so do most cloud phone vendors. In order to maximize revenues they have created many pricing tiers. Each with a popular feature you may need in one of those higher priced tiers. Names like Essential and Standard are code for stripped down tiers.

We offer one, simple price for all the features.

Don’t get caught. Do your homework properly – give us a call – or do both!


So here are some key points from other vendors who offer cloud solutions in Canada. Even when offered by major Canadian service providers the solution may still be hosted in the U.S., so be careful, or ask, if this is a concern. The U.S. Patriot Act allows the U.S. to snoop on any data or communications stored in a U.S. Data Centre.

Many only offer in US$ payment terms, although several now offer a CAD$ fee – albeit marked up to account for the exchange rate. As the exchange rate varies, so does your contract price.  

Several don't highlight what is not included or extra. So check.

It is valid that additional DID extensions, Toll Free Numbers or International Calling charges are added. As we charge for these. But make sure they are clearly stated.

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