Unity Connect Help Guides

These page contains guides to help end users get the most of Unity Connect. The 'How to' guides are web pages while the quick start and handset guides are in PDF format;  all will open in a new page. You can read, print or download for future use. They have been grouped into three categories which are described below. You can scroll down to the ones you want or click the button below to jump to the right section.

How To Guides

These guides focus on one feature or capability to let you quickly access the information you need without searching through a large document.

Quick Start Guides

These are very short guides for assembling and setting up the telephone handset and basic call features. Sorted by handset vendor.

Handset User Guides

These are very detailed guides for telephone handset use. You should have enough info in the 'How to...' or 'Quick Start..' guides. Sorted by vendor.

Telephone Handset 'Quick Start' Guides

Quick Start or Quick Reference guides are very short, often two page, guides that walk through the components of the telephone handset, quick install or set up instructions. Useful if you want to understand the button functions or the jacks. We created the Quick Reference Guides specifically for Unity Connect and suggest starting with those.